Travel Vaccinations

Your travel form may take up to one week to process, once your form has been processed, the travel team will text you with further information. Please also be advised that we need this information approximately 6 weeks prior to travelling otherwise we may not be able to offer you an appointment and you would then need to use a private travel clinic which could incur additional costs.

PLEASE NOTE – 1 travel form per person, please. If your travel date is 2 weeks or less – we are unable to offer this service. In such cases, please contact the surgery who can arrange to print off copies of previous immunisations/vaccinations for presentation at a private clinic*. There is no charge for this information, however, you will need to fill in a vaccination history form and show ID.

Please click here to submit a travel form online using our eConsult service.

Private Clinics

  • Same Day Travel Clinic Derby – 0800 583 3331
  • Master Nottingham – 0115 846 8880
  • Master Stafford – 01785 353 396

Click for details of Travel Vaccs Advice Costs 2017

Covid Information Leaflet